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Japanese beauty and wellness culture resides in bathing daily for cleansing and relaxation, drinking tea, being mindful and caring for the little details that make a difference. These daily rituals are cherished traditions to help restore and rejuvenate body and mind. 

Immerse into

The Beauty of Japan:

  • Beautiful and Mindful japanese bath salts
  • Japanese Tea for enjoyment
  • High-quality facemask set
  • Skin care products to scape the day-to-day
  • Japanese delicious snack

June Box

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June Box

is all about the Japanese Experience

1) Minon set for Sensitive and Dry Skin Line:

*Moist Milky Cleansing[Make-up Remover]

*Gentle Wash Whip[Foam-Type Face Wash]

*Moist Charge Lotion II Extra Moist-Type[Moisturizing Skin Lotion]

*Moist Charge Milk[Moisturizing Milk]

2) Matcha Tea Bags

3) Japanese Bath Salts

4) Bihada-Syokunin Smoothing Mask

5) Kinoko no Yama & Takenono no Yama Snack Tokyo 2020 edition



May Box

May Box

is all about

"Me Time"

*Hatomugi Pearl Barley Cleansing Foam 200gr

*The Collagen Drink

*The Clear Turn Facemask for firm mask

*Onsen Town Bath Salts (4)

*Genmaicha 80gr

*Calbee Edamariko (soy bean) sticks

January Box

Our January Box

is All about Celebrating the New Year

*Winter Limited Edition Lululun Mask - 7 sheet set

*d program by Shiseido Conditioning Wash - travel size

*Honey Bee Winter Lip Balm

*Seasonal Limited Fukucha - tea served for luck during special days

*Sumo Bath Salt - Cold Weather

*Hot Spring Trip Bath Salt - Ibusuki

*KitKat New Year 2020 Edition


December Box 2019